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  • The Benefits of Using a Cold Store


A cold storage room is an ideal place to store a variety of products that need to be kept under a specific temperature. For example, within the fruit and vegetable industry, cold stores are a great way to prolong life & prevent the spoilage of foods.

Not only do we provide a fast & flexible solution to increase storage space, but we ensure our coldstores are the perfect solution for your business, and here’s why:


One thing that a coldstore can provide is an abundance of space. The number of refrigerators or freezers required to chill everything adequately will take up far more space than a single cold room would. A coldstore on the other hand, is just one room making it much more manageable and consolidating your cold storage into one single large space.


Energy efficiency is vastly improved when cold storage solutions are consolidated into a single well-fitted and well-equipped coldstore. The single room allows the use of only one large chiller unit instead of a large number of smaller units. Sturdier, more effective insulation means less energy is needed to chill the same overall area, helping keep your electricity bills down. This consolidation also helps with maintenance. By providing one, easily maintained system you can reduce maintenance costs and downtime.


Coldstores are also safer than a large number of smaller chillers. With fewer chiller units running and more integration with your building, the risk of a fire or electrical problem is lower whilst employee health is improved by a walk-in commercial coldstore versus a bank of chest freezers or a row of commercial fridges.


With lower energy demands, fewer components and only one chiller instead of many, it’s easy to see how a commercial coldstore could save your business money.

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